IM+ for BlackBerry: IM Push


Imagine exchanging instant messages without keeping running an IM application on BlackBerry?

It's now possible with IM+ new IM Push technology!

Here's how it works at a glance:


IM Push

i Upon exiting IM+, you are offered to stay online in "IM Push" mode. In this mode, IM+ on your BlackBerry is not running, thus saving precious battery life.

ii In IM Push mode you remain online in all IM services, and continue receiving IMs as e-mails pushed to your BlackBerry mailbox.

iii Your replies will be converted to instant messages and will be delivered back to your contact.

Download IM+ All-in-One Messenger for BlackBerry

IM+ is also available for: Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, J2ME and iPhone/iPod Touch.
Want to learn about IM+ for other devices? Go to IM+ product page.

IM+ product page

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