All-in-One Messenger

for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


New IM+ Pro App

Completely clean, simple and totally secure instant messaging app for iOS with over a dozen of supported instant messaging services. Comes with support for Off-the-Record encryption. Free text and media messaging in Facebook, Google Talk, and many others. Group chats. Optional storing of chat history. All your contacts from all instant messaging services in a single buddy list — it’s as simple as that.

Clean White and Blue

Clean White and Blue

Our designer redid the icon and app’s interface from scratch. “Could not resist after what I saw”, he said.

No colorful bars or heavy-gradient buttons. No bold strokes, no shadows and no signs of outdated skeumorphism concept. Only few basic elements in blue are displayed on a screen. Clean white background and blue underlines give a sense of ease, lightness and simplicity inherent in the iOS design philosophy.

UI focused on content

New simplified design is rather a way, not a goal, to focus on the most important — on instant messaging. Contacts with different availability statuses, self-describing avatars and mood messages. Simplified UI that highlights the importance of what’s it about — contacts and messages.

But what is a secure chatting?

Free Off-the-Record Encryption in IM+ Pro

OTR encryption secures information no matter which messaging service is used. OTR in IM+ makes it a unique and safe messenger for iOS. Off-the-Record encryption is available for all messaging services supported in IM+, including Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo!. Why does someone need it? In our everyday life we share all kinds of information with friends, business partners, family members via Internet thinking that this information belongs only to us. However an idea that someone can have access to any personal data feels uncomfortable. Well, worry no more, IM+ got you covered!

Turning on Off-the-Record encryption is done with two taps. When OTR is enabled, it gives you confidence that this chat cannot be read by anyone else but you two and that it won’t be stored anywhere. We at Shape associate secure chatting with the feeling of confidence, willingness to be just who you are and feel safe.



Comparing Beep with WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers that require phone numbers for communication, Beep is the only safe option. Combined with free OTR encryption, Beep service gives the highest possible security level for peer to peer messaging. The lock icon on the screen lets you know that OTR encryption is working right which means that your chats are encrypted and chat history is not stored anywhere neither seen by third parties (not by your carrier, Google, Facebook and other service providers).