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    Use your iOS or Android device as a second screen for your Mac or PC.

iDisplay gives you more space

Move your messaging app, Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and other apps that clutter your main display to your second monitor. Two monitors make you as much as 44% more productive.

iDisplay is flexible

Choose what works better for you - Lightning cable or WiFi connection that gives you complete flexibility. In any case two monitors can make you a real productivity hero.

IM+ for Mac and Windows

Instead of switching in-between different messengers, IM+ unites many of them in a lightweight app. It currently includes WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Google Hangouts, WeChat, and LinkedIn.

IM+ on mobile

It’s cumbersome to constantly switch between many different messengers. IM+ on mobile unites Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, ICQ, and many others.

Business Card Reader

Save time and scan unlimited business cards, instead of manually typing them in. BCR integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Evernote, Excel, VCard, and others, while recognizing business cards in 22 languages.

Business Card Reader Cloud

Managing contacts is fast, secure, and easy, with BCR Cloud. Information from business cards will always stay synched, and is accessible from any browser.