Frequently Asked Questions about IM+ for iOS 

Windows Live Messenger, also known as MSN Messenger, has been discontinued by Microsoft in 2013. It has been officially shut down on October 31st, 2014. As a consequence of this, WLM/MSN is no longer functional in IM+ and will be removed in future versions.

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Microsoft has changed Skype protocol and Skype cannot be accessed from IM+ any more. New versions of IM+  do not include Skype service. We cannot guarantee that Skype would be ever added in IM+ again.

Please check if you have active internet connection and if other internet applications on your iOS device work at the moment.
You may also try to connect from another Wi-Fi spot. Maybe there is a temporary problem in your wireless carrier's network or in Wi-Fi zone you are using now.
If your wireless connection works well, most likely, the problem is on our servers' side and we are working hard to fix it.

Free version is ad-based. There are no ads in Pro version.
You can adjust Push session duration in Pro version (up to 7 days).
Push session is limited by 7 hours in free version.

In Push-to-Email mode you remain online in all IM services, and continue receiving IMs as e-mails pushed to your mailbox.
Your replies will be converted to instant messages and will be delivered back to your contact.
You may enter your e-mail for Push-to-Email under "Settings" – "Notifications" - "PUSH-TO-EMAIL".
To use Push-to-Email please specify your e-mail address to deliver instant messages to and select desired time to stay connected (up to 7 days for IM+ Pro7).

Please see authorization issues troubleshooting tips at our support forum

Please open the chat window and then tap to open the menu.
Tap 'User info' and turn on the 'Block' section.

IM+ All-in-One Messenger does not support any voice and video calls, sorry.
It is intended for text messaging only.

It looks like your Neighbors account was banned due to terms violation.
You have accepted the requirements of use upon Neighbors account registration.

As stated in the requirements:
You agree that, in using the Neighbors Service, you will not:

  • impersonate another person, use as fake identity;
  • set avatars which we consider to be harmful, threatening, unlawful or invasive of privacy or publicity rights;
  • set avatars with pornographic pictures or pictures which portray gross violence, force or brutality;
  • make statements which discriminate anyone's race, skin colour, sex, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation;
  • send spam.

We have received a number of complaints from Neighbors users regarding requirements violation from your side.
So we had to suspend your account while investigating this situation.

To remove ban from your account, please submit the support request from IM+ and let us know your full name (as specified in ID) and phone number.
We will investigate the case and consider removing ban from your account.

To send file please open the chat window and tap the settings button in the right upper corner in the window.
Then please select the corresponding section to send the file.
Your file will be uploaded to our web service. Your contact will receive a link to download it.
Uploading is anonymous. No 3rd party will get access to your files.
Files will be deleted from the service two weeks after uploading.

History can be saved in IM+ Pro version only.
Chat history is being saved online in the cloud, so you can access it from IM+ Pro or online at IM+ Web

Please in IM+ go to "Accounts", then tap "Add new account", select Neighbors account and tap "Forgot your password? Click here"
Then enter the e-mail address you have used upon Neighbors account registration and tap "Recover".

E-mail with recovery code will be sent to your e-mail address. Please put the recovery code into corresponding field and put new Neighbors password.

No – you need to buy the app again in the App Store.

IM+ Pro is no longer available in App Store. IM+ Pro7 has been developed specifically for iOS 7 and later and includes new look and feel, free OTR encryption which was available as in-app purchase in IM+ Pro, and new messages delivery feature. If you want to install IM+ Pro7 you need to buy the app from the App Store.
See more details on our Facebook page.

The App Store allows to reinstall any app that you have purchased without paying again. The only requirement is that you use the same App Store account.