Frequently Asked Questions about IM+® All-in-One Messenger on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 

To add your account, please go to More / Accounts, tap on Edit in the upper right corner of the screen and then tap on the sign in the upper left corner of the screen. Then you would need to select the IM service your account belongs to. Please enter your account login and password. Please see Account Authentication for the directions on how to properly enter your account login and password depending on the service you are using.


In order to change your account information, please go to More / Accounts and tap on the account you would like to modify. To save the modified account information, please tap on Done.


There are two ways of removing an account. You may either swipe the account name under More / Accounts, and then confirm the removal tapping on Delete button or tap on Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen, than tap on sign next to the account you would like to delete and then confirm the removal tapping on Delete button. Finally, please tap on Done.


As Twitter is not a regular IM service, there are some specific settings related to the Twitter account. Within Twitter account settings you may move the Twitter group up to the top of your contact list and manually select which notifications you would like to receive as Push messages.

Since IM+ 3.5 Twitter Geo services are available. You may read the nearby timeline with IM+ now. Please enable Nearby Timeline and select appropriate Nearby Timeline Radius. You may also choose to regularly update your own location.

You may perform the search through twitter services by tapping on your contacts screen or at "More". You may view the saved search results or perform the new search on this screen.


Jabber account settings require your host name to be entered and the port to be specified. Entering this information is required for the connection to your Jabber server to be established.


If you are Yahoo! Japan user, please make sure that Use Japan server is enabled, otherwise you will not be able to connect.


IM+ does not support Skype voice functionality, however your contacts might want to call you. In this case their call can be recorded as a voicemail and you will be provided with a link to the recording within the conversation window with this contact.
To take advantage of this option, please enable Voicemail option under Skype account settings.

You may also set skype to receive earlier messages from Skype service

With this options enabled IM+ will receive earlier messages from other locations. This may slow down connection to the service however you will receive your message history.


In order to add your Facebook account please follow the guidelines below:

1. Go to More / Accounts, tap Edit and then tap "".

Adding Facebook account

2. Select Facebook service.

3. Tap "Connect with Facebook" button.

Adding Facebook account

4. Enter the email address you are using as your login on Facebook and your password and tap "Login" button.

Adding Facebook account

5. You may be redirected to "Request Permission" page, read the information on the page carefully and tap on "Allow" if you agree.

6. Please tap "Done" on Facebook account settings page.

You may also set IM+ to load online Facebook friends only. This may be useful if you have huge number of freinds on Facebook and only some of them are online


Please note that you should put your VKontakte ID, not your e-mail or username. VKontakte ID looks like "id12345678"

You can find your VKontakte ID at your account settings on VKontakte site