Frequently Asked Questions about IM+® All-in-One Messenger on iPhone/ iPod Touch 

To add a contact to your contact list, please tap on the button in the upper left corner of the Contacts screen and then tap on sign in the upper left corner. Then please select the IM service this contact belongs to, a group in will appear in and enter the contact ID.

You may also specify the contact's nickname under which it will appear on your contact list.
Note: if your contact list in one of the IM services is empty yet, you would need to add you first contact within the desktop application.


There are two ways of removing a contact from you contact list. You may either swipe contact name and then tap on button to confirm the removal or tap on button in the upper left corner of the screen, then tap on sign next to the contact's name and then confirm the removal tapping on button.


You may display your contact info tapping on the sign next to the contact's name. In most services contact's nickname, status message and contact's ID will be displayed.


If you would like to rename your contact, please go to contact info screen, type new contact name at "Nickname" field andtap on "Done"


Since IM+ 3.5 you may get the notification when the contact goes online. Please select the contact and press the button. Then please proceed to

and choose the notification options.

You may select to notify once or every time this contact goes online.

After you've set the online alert notification for the contact, the bell will be displayed on his display picture: