Frequently Asked Questions about IM+® All-in-One Messenger on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 

IM+ settings are located within the application under More / Settings.


You may alternate the contact list view under More / Settings / View. Show Offline Contacts option enabled will show you offline contacts on your contact list. You may group offline contacts into one "Offline" group enabling "Offline" Group option, otherwise offline contacts will be displayed according to the service they belong to.
Contacts can be grouped either by accounts or by name.You may switch the emoticons off using "Show emoticons" option.


Incoming messages from users not on you contact list will be blocked in case you select "Block Messages From Users Not On Your Contact List" option.
Note: this option will not block the authorization requests from users not on your contact list.


IM+ allows you to save the image you have made with the application and sent to your contact into the Camera Roll or you may choose not to save it. To access this option, please go to More / Settings and use "Save Photos to Photo Album" toggle switch.


IM+ allows you to use both portrait and landscape screen orientations. Under More / Settings / Screen Orientation you may choose between Autorotate, Portrait and Lanscape mode.


Now IM+ supports themes for the chat windows. Currently 3 themes are available: Bubbles, Simple White and Simple Black. To change the theme, please go to More / Settings / View / Themes and select the theme you would like to use.

Note:Themes are not currently supported on iPad. Changing Themes feature will be supported in one of the next versions of IM+.


The conversation window background can be changed to a different one under More / Settings / Wallpaper. You may either select a predefined background image, or pick one from your photo library as well as take a picture and use it. All you would need to do is to select the corresponding menu item.


You may enable/disable sound notifications for incoming messages when IM+ is running under More / Settings / Sound. You may customize the alerts for IM+ events at "Sound Alert Settings"

Note: customized alerts do not work in push mode.


You may enable/disable vibration notifications for incoming messages when IM+ is running under More / Settings / Vibrate.