IM+ Beep: free mobile-to-mobile messaging

Frequently Asked Questions about IM+ Beep 

What is IM+ Beep?

IM+ Beep is an instant messaging service, available in IM+ application on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. IM+ Beep uses your existing Internet connection to send/receive messages to/from your address book contacts, and can be used as SMS replacement.


Who are my IM+ Beep contacts?

IM+ Beep contact list consists of your address book contacts, who are using IM+ Beep. Your IM+ Beep contact list is updated automatically upon IM+ start: address book contacts, who have joined IM+ Beep, will appear on your IM+ Beep contact list.


What is "Sync Contacts" option?

IM+ Beep automatically refreshes your contact list when you restart the app. However, if you don't feel like restarting IM+, you may update your contact list manually using "Sync Contacts" option in the app.


Can I use IM+ Beep on iPod Touch / iPad / Android tablet / device without phone number?

IM+ Beep can be used on any iOS / Android / Windows Phone device where IM+ is installed. To start using IM+ Beep, you will need to enter a valid phone number. If you are using a device which is not able to receive SMS (for instance, iPad), you may confirm your registration by entering a valid phone number and IM+ Beep will send SMS with activation code to the phone number you specified.


Can I change Beep availability status?

Beep service is supposed to work like SMS: your contacts are able to send you messages at any time.Therefore you are always online for your Beep contacts - just like for all other contacts in your address book.


Can I change my Beep avatar?

Avatar changing is not supported for Beep, as your Beep contacts will see you in their contact list with the same profile picture they set for you in their address book.