Apps for Windows Mobile (non-touchscreen)

IM+: "Best iPhone Messaging App"

iPhone Life Magazine

IM+: "Genial chess move"

Focus Magazine

Business Card Reader: "The best text scanning app yet."


Mobiscope: "This is a great app for the family man, as you can set up a webcam in your baby's room and essentially take your toddler with you to work."

BlackBerry Cool

IM+ Talk: "Coupling this app with a Skype subscription, could be a money saving move in the longrun given the amount some carriers charge for roaming."


WebCamera: "It's a clever piece of software that turns your iPhone into a portable webcam on a Wi-Fi network."

WebCamera: "It's nice for keeping an eye on kids or pets, or use it with any messaging app just as if you had a USB camera plugged in."

WebCamera: "If you have ever wanted a portable cordless webcam this might be a great solution."

TUAW (or The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

Mobiola Webcam: "It is a practical use of the camera on your handset. Why pay $69 or so for a Web cam when you already have one?"


RDM+: "I could easily spend an hour telling you the multiple uses I've found for this application!"

BlackBerry Cool

RDM+: "What I found is that whether you use an iPhone, a BlackBerry - or both - you will like what the RDM+ remote desktop application has to offer."

Gear Diary

RDM+: "RDM+ is the best remote control software I’ve seen thus far on the iPhone."


RDM+: "The ability to work through ANY firewall, the easy setup, and the excellent and ultra-fast interface make it unrivalled if you find yourself in need of putting in that extra bit of work on the PC but are out."


iDisplay: "That's: brilliant. I mean, I can think of about a billion uses for this."


RDM+: "This has saved me on multiple occasions."

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