Mobiola Screen Capture

Control your phone from PC keyboard, display the phone screen, take snapshots, record video. Share your screen on Skype or record the videos for YouTube.

Trial version limits single connections to 5 minutes and has 3 days evaluation period.
Mobiscope video surveillance service

View your front door without even reaching for it

Your front door is now viewed on mobile device. Mobiscope gives you a convenient and affordable way to see the doorsteps of your house and monitor anyone who comes up to your door. Using Mobiscope app on your iPhone or Android, you can view your front door camera, receive motion detection alerts and screenshots, record video, and playback recordings.

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BlackBerry OS 4.2 or later.


Mobiola Screen Capture for BlackBerry

Shows real-time screen capture from your phone on PC screen

Record video with MS MovieMaker or other video recording apps using webcam driver component of the application. Make snapshots and videos and share them!

Share your screen on Skype, IM and other video conference applications

Just select "Mobiola Video Source" as web camera in this application. Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Mobiola Screen Capture is available for: