CheckIn+ for iPhone


Discover the world!

The first all-in-one check-in app with augmented reality feature from the developer of IM+! Supports Foursquare and Facebook Places.

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Requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 2 or the new iPad.



Augmented reality

Utilizing the augmented reality technology, CheckIn+ overlays current surroundings with places from major geolocation applications and this allows you to see each destination relative to real world as a live video image on your iPhone or iPad 2. Move around and you can see which places are nearby and how far away.

Hint: Holding the phone vertically transforms map view into the augmented reality perspective.

Explore the world

CheckIn+ is your ultimate social travel guide. Discover the world around you and share your highlights at local bars, parks, venues, and more. Whether you are looking for a great restaurant or your favorite brand's shop, CheckIn+ will help you to easily find a place according to your preferences.


All-in-one checkin

CheckIn+ gives you the power to check-in and become a Mayor on multiple geolocation services. Once you linked up with Facebook and Foursquare you may simultaneously check in to each service with one tap.

Multilingual user interface

in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages.

"With CheckIn+, users can discover cool local spots, and share highlights from bars, parks, venues, and more through a places search."


"If you're looking for an app to combine checkins for Foursquare and Facebook Places try Checkin+ from the makers of IM+."


"The new product, known as CheckIn+, is an iOS client for both Foursquare and Facebook Places, wrapping them into a beautiful user interface and new social features."

Redmond Pie

"If you use Foursquare and Facebook Places to notify your followers where you are, you might be interested in a new iOS app called Checkin+."


"CheckIn+, from the makers of IM+, lets you check in to Facebook Places and Foursquare at the same time, and utilizes augmented reality to show you what's around."


"Combining the social networking world with augmented reality applications, though odd when described simply in words, actually makes for an interesting concept."


Other features include:

  1. Share photos of your favorite places and leave comments for your friends
  2. View Friends activity stream
  3. Read information about users and their friends
  4. See where your friends are on the map or in augmented reality
  5. Search and read tips for places nearby
  6. Add new places on Foursquare
  7. View check-in scores, closest rivals, and mayorships
  8. Gather loyalty points and rewards on Foursquare
  9. Off-grid check-in, sharing in Facebook and Twitter