IM+ Video: Video and voice calls

IM+ Video for iPhone

Video and voice calls to your Facebook friends. All for free.

IM+ Video is here to take the vacant position of all-in-one Facebook chat application on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. With its ultimate selection of features and sleek minimalistic interface, IM+ Video is a must-have app for everyone who uses Facebook to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues on everyday basis.

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Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


IM+ Video for iPhone

Free video and voice calls

The one and only application offering free Facebook video and VoIP calls without any hidden costs.
IM+ Video has what it takes to make your everyday Facebook communication even more social.

IM+ Video for iPhone

Store your communication

For your convenience, IM+ Video keeps conversation history and event log with each of your contacts, so that you could review your chats anytime.

IM+ Video for iPhone

No carrier/network restrictions

IM+ Video uses your current Internet connection whether you are on WiFi, 3G or Edge.
Note: When on 3G/Edge connection, you will be charged by your wireless carrier for the transferred data according to your existing data plan

IM+ Video for iPhone

Call all your Facebook friends

Calls can be received on Facebook website and you can call all your Facebook friends, not only IM+ Video users.

Note: IM+ Video uses its own video/voice data transfer system and is not affiliated nor compatible with Facebook video chat.

"Best iPhone Messaging App"

iPhone Life Magazine, Spring 2010

"Genial chess move"

Focus Magazine

"IM+ is the best mobile application in the world!"

Connect Magazine

"IM+ Makes It Nearly Impossible to Stay Out of Touch on iPad"


"This app's ability to let users IM, video chat or VoIP with Facebook friends for free makes it an easy download. The user interface and simple functions are added bonuses."

"It's very simple, intuitive and straight to the point."

"For its all-in-one type IM, video chat and VoIP communication ability, IM+ Video is a fairly robust app that offers a one-stop shop for connecting with friends and family on Facebook. The feature of utilizing the app on 3G, Edge or WiFi makes it an even more portable app worth checking out."


"IM+ has the largest array of emoticons that I have ever seen."

World of Apple

"A top notch IM app on all platforms."

Tech N' Marketing

"I went with the full version and absolutely love it; IM+ has been promoted to the dock on my iPad!"


"IM+ is great. It has more services than any other app, and does it in a way that is simple and intelligent."

The Appera

"IM+ for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is recommended to for those seeking a good instant messaging client."

APPMODO (The Mobile Applications Blog)

"I use IM+ now very long and for me it's really the best messenger app."

App Report

"I would recommend this app for anyone who wants to see all of their social media in one nice and clean interface."

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"Finally a universal instant messaging application! IM+ Pro works beautifully with all of your iOS devices, and supports pretty much every IM network out there."

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