VR+: Voice Recorder

VR+: Voice Recorder for iPhone and iPod Touch

Turn your phone into a voice recorder and share your voice notes on Twitter, MySpace and Blogger

Share your voice!

All-in-One voice recorder, voice messenger and voice sharing tool for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger.

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Remote video monitoring and recording on mobile

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Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


High quality voice recordings

Whether you want to podcast, record a voice note, lecture, or a meeting, VR+ is the app for that.

Select the quality of a recording from the lowest to highest depending on your needs.

Email your voice memos for playback on any Mac, PC, or mobile

Send the recordings on the go. MP3 format makes the sending and listening easy.

Share in social networks

Share your voice notes with friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Blogger.com.


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"VR+ has it all! Great usability. Optimal set of necessary features."

App Store reviews

"Great app, quick and user friendly. Love the simplicity of recording and playback. Love that "continue to record" feature to append additional voice recording at the end."


"See VR+: Voice Recorder for Social Networking, iPhone version on YouTube channel."