VR+: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

VR+: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

v. 2.5.7

Turn your phone into a voice recorder and share your voice notes on Twitter, MySpace and Blogger

Share your voice!

Besides a convenient Voice Recorder you get a voice messenger and a voice sharing tool for MySpace, Twitter and Blogger.


BlackBerry OS 4.2 or later.

Purchase for $7.99
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VR+: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

Make high quality voice recordings right from your handheld

Record a voice note, lecture or an interview. With your BlackBerry record anything on-the-go.

VR+: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

E-mail your voice recordings for playing back on the PC or mobile. On-the-Fly conversion to MP3

Send the recording whenever and wherever you are. No typing, no printing involved. Mp3 format makes the recording easy to send and easy to listen to.

VR+: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

Share your voice notes and podcasts on social networks!

Let your friends hear your notes by sharing them to MySpace, Twitter and Blogger.com.

VR+: Voice Recorder for BlackBerry

Create your own podcasts on-the-go, upload and share them right from BlackBerry

Enjoy listening to podcasts? Well, now you can make your own podcasts, listen to them and let others hear your reviews, advice or impressions. Make your recordings public and let others hear you!

"VR+ has been one of my all-time favorite BlackBerry applications for a long time. I think it’s very, very useful because it takes mobile texting communication one step further: by sending voice messages instead of text. Why waste time thumbing away? Just open the Mail application, select "Compose" or "Reply" and speak out. I find that extremely convenient. You can even spread your word via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blogger directly if you’re into the whole social thing."

Luciano ES, Berryreview.com

"Great app, quick and user friendly. Love the simplicity of recording and playback. Love that "continue to record" feature to append additional voice recording at the end."