Business Card Reader for BlackBerry. Scan business card and store information in BlackBerry address book

v. 1.5.4 Changelog

Import contact information from business cards directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile contacts! Just take a photo of a business card and a New Contact is added!

SHAPE Services offers different ways of payment options for our customers. Here is the list of currently available payment systems on our website.

The price you pay is a one-time fee: all further updates are included.

via PayPal

PayPal, an eBay Company, securely processes payments for SHAPE Services GmbH. You can finish paying in a few clicks. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Paypal is available in 45 countries and it's free.

Send payment to our Bank Account

SHAPE Services GmbH
Commerzbank Stuttgart Germany
Account 5212410
IBAN: DE47 6004 0071 0521 2410 00

In Germany:
5212410 Commerzbank Stuttgart
BLZ 60040071

VAT-IdNr.: DE 201464048
German VAT is 19%


WebMoney is a powerful hardware and software system that enables Internet users to conduct safe transactions in real time using WebMoney units (WM-units). We take several types of WebMoney units. Here are the purses for them:

WMZ Z285107706065 - US Dollars (Z purse)
WME E938572560971 - Euro (E purse)
WMR R965873607137 - Russian Roubles (R purse)

To pay through Webmoney you should have your personal purse registered in this system. If you don't have your personal purse you are to register. Then send money to our purse and E-mail order with subject WebMoney Order the following information:

Your Name
Your E-mail
Product Title that you've ordered
The amount of money transferred and Purse type (R, Z or E)
- as result, we should receive netto price stated on product's page.

After we receive your payment and WebMoney Order we'll send you the registration code to e-mail you specify in order.