Getting Started Guide with IM+ for Skype Software

To get started with IM+ for Skype Software, please follow the steps in order:

If you have Skype Software running on your computer please follow STEP 2.

If you don't have Skype Software then download it on - it is free, and install it on your computer. Register to get your Skype account.

You can see the 'online' icon of Skype in system tray if the program has been started.

System tray

A: Next please activate the feature 'Call Forwarding'. Select 'Tools', choose 'Options'. Choose TAB 'Call forwarding&Voicemail' and check the flag 'Forward calls when I'm not on Skype' and type in your phone.

Forward call screenshot

B: Please put a checkmark in 'Sign me in when Skype starts' if your Skype Software doesn't start automatically.
C: Deactivate status 'Away'. You can do it by choosing menu 'Tools'-'Options'. Please type in the field 'Show me as 'Away' when I am inactive for '0' minutes'.

Away, N/A screenshot

Note: To make and receive calls you will need SkypeOut credits (minimal amount - 3 Euro) . You may use IM+ for Skype Software like Instant Messenger and in such case this feature doesn't require SkypeOut credits.

Download zip.archive with installation files from our site for free:
Unzip the archive to any folder on your PC.

Install the setup file ´IM+ for Skype Software Desktop Service Setup.exe´ on your computer.

Note: If you have antivirus or firewall software on your computer, there may be some problems with blocking ports. Don't worry; continue installation process, allowing all the time to use the ports that are asked by antivirus or firewall software.

After installation you will be offered to enter your Skype's login.

New login screenshot

For interaction between Desktop Service and Mobile Client choose the Desktop Service password that will also be used as Mobile Client password.

New password screenshot

There will be a Warning on your desktop, please allow IM+ for Skype Software Desktop Service to access your Skype Software.

Another program uses skype screenshot

After the program has started, you will see the IM+ for Skype Software Desktop service icon in the system tray.

System tray

IM+ for Skype Software Desktop Service starts at Microsoft Windows launch. For quick access to IM+ for Skype Software Desktop Service options you can use the icon in your system tray. Also you will be notified about all IM+ for Skype Software Desktop Service events.

System tray menu

Install IM+ for Skype Software on your BlackBerry RIM

You can install the file over-the-air:
1.Open the Internet browser on your BlackBerry and navigate to
2. Download and install the file on mobile device.


Install the file from the computer to your mobile device via Blackberry Desktop Manager:
1. Unzip the archive ´´ to any folder on your PC.
2. Plug BlackBerry device into connected cradle.
3. Run BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your PC, chose Application Loader, browse into folder with unzipped files and select the *.alx file.
4. The icon of IM+ for Skype Software application appears on your device.

After the first launch of IM + for Skype Software you will be asked to enter the registration key. If you have already purchased IM + for Skype Software, you should have received your registration key. Type in the registration key and select ´Register´ from the menu.

If you want to use IM+ for Skype Software in trial mode, select ´Trial´ from the menu.

Configure the preferences. Choose ‘Configure’ in program’s menu



Skype Login 

Desktop Service Password


Mobile phone Number

Type your login used in Skype Software

Type password used in “IM+for Skype Software Desktop Service” on computer
 Notice: type password you used in paragraph 4.

Type your mobile phone number 
Notice: type the mobile phone number you used in ‘Call forwarding’ in Skype Software.

Get ‘Connect’.

After successul connection you will see your Skype’s contact list and statistics with status of user, that uses IM+ for Skype Software Desktop Service at this moment on computer.

Statistics screenshot

Note: 1.Two-part installation is required: IM+ for Skype Software mobile and IM+ for Skype Software desktop service. IM+ for Skype Software requires Skype application to be installed and running on your PC.
2.Pay attention that login your Skype credentials are not transmitted or stored anywhere.

Looking to solve a problem? You will find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section of our website.

Technical support

If you find out some problem while you are using the application you can send a request to our support team from your BlackBerry. Just select ´Support&About´ from menu, enter the required information into support request form and select ´Send request´ from menu. Your request with attached log file will be sent to the support if the appropriate checkbox is marked.

Send request

If there is a problem with IM+for Skype Software Desktop Service on your computer you can send a request from the desktop service. Just select ´Support´ on the Desktop Service window and enter the required information into support form. Choose ´Send´ and our Support Team will answer your request within two business days.

You can also fill out our Support form on our site:

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