IM+ for J2ME phones support

Please read all the instructions below carefully

1. Current IM+ for Java version is 4.7.5. Make sure you have the latest version installed on your phone. Remember all updates are free for registered users.

2. If you got another phone, upgraded your OS or reinstalled IM+, please register with the same license code.

3. If you receive an error message on your phone, please send your support request right from the application installed on your mobile phone. (Menu -> Help -> IM+ Support)

4. If you need further assistance after reading FAQ and none of the above apply in your case, please fill out this support form entering all known details. This will help us to prosses your request quickly and efficiently.

Yahoo! has changed it's protocol. Versions are already fixed, reinstallation is not required.

Support form:

* Your e-mail address:

To process your request, please enter a valid e-mail address
(Registered users use e-mail which they used when purchasing)

If you're registered, enter your license code

* Software version number,
(See it in About Screen; if your version is older than 4.7.5, please update for free)

* Internet Connection

* Your phone model, i.e. Sony Ecirsson K800

Name of your mobile carrier (operator):

* Brief description of issue experienced:

* Detailed description of issue experienced:

Exact wording of error message received:

SHAPE Services will process your request within 2 business days. The reply will be sent to you via e-mail you specified.