IM+ for Symbian S60 support

Please read a list of most popular questions about IM+. Maybe you will find an answer to your questions below.

  • I get "Update error" message when trying to download the latest version.

You would need to uninstall your current IM+ version, then install the latest update once more.

  • I receive error message "Certificate error. Contact the application supplier" when trying to install IM+.

In order to continue installation please perform the following procedures:

  • Go to your cell phone Menu
  • Select Tools, then Application Manager.
  • When you are in Application Manager, click Options and select Settings.
  • Click on Software Installation and chose the option All.
  • I get error message "Certificate expired" when trying to install IM+.

Please check if you have set correct date on your mobile
Also please make sure that you are installing the latest IM+ version. Please download IM+ directly to your mobile from

  • When I try to connect to MSN, I get an error message: "Unable to connect. Website has sent an invalid certificate".

In order to fix the problem with MSN connection you would need to download and install additional certificates to your phone.
You would need to unzip this archive, copy the files to your mobile and open them with your file manager.
You will be asked if the certificates are for Internet, Online Access, or VPN.
Please check all. The certificates will be installed.
Then you will be able to connect to MSN successfully.

  • I have upgraded my Symbian OS, reinstall IM+ or changed my mobile to another S60v3 or S60v5 phone. What license code should I use?

You may continue using the same license code you have used before. If you have lost your license code, please fill license reminder form and it will be sent to you immediately.

  • I have another question.

If you have any kind of technical problem, first of all please make sure that you are using the latest version 9.01. You may check IM+ version number under "Menu" / "Help" / "About". If your version is not the latest, please download free update at or from e-shop where you have purchased IM+.
If the problem persists in the latest version, please read our FAQ section.

  • I have another question and haven't found an answer in FAQ.

Please fill support request form.