Frequently Asked Questions about IM+ for Windows Phone

I can’t access Windows Live Messenger/MSN from IM+.

Windows Live Messenger, also known as MSN Messenger, has been discontinued by Microsoft in 2013. It has been officially shut down on October 31st, 2014. As a consequence of this, WLM/MSN is no longer functional in IM+ and will be removed in future versions.

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I can’t access Skype from IM+.

Microsoft has changed Skype protocol and Skype cannot be accessed from IM+ any more. New versions of IM+  do not include Skype service. We cannot guarantee that Skype would be ever added in IM+ again.

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IM+ crashes on start after update

Please remove the application from your device and re-install it from Windows Phone Store.

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What is the difference between free and Pro versions?

Free version is ad-based. There are no ads in Pro version.
You can adjust Push session duration in Pro version (up to 7 days).
Push session is limited by 3 days in free version.

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How can I add Facebook account?
I receive the message "Success. Security Warning: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone' while adding my Facebook account". What should I do?

Please go to and remove IM+ from your Settings. To do this:
Click at the top right of any Facebook page and choose "Account Settings"
From the menu in the left column, select "Apps"
Click X to the right of IM+

Then please go to IM+ on your mobile device and add your Facebook account once again.

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I can not connect to Vkontakte. What should I do?

Please make sure that you are using the latest IM+ version that supports new VK API.
You can always upgrade your current version at Windows Phone Store.

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Push / Toast notifications do not work

Please see this thread on IM+ Forum.

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How does IM+ work when there is no interent connection on mobile device?
I get the message "Internet connection has been lost". How will IM+ work?

You can select whether you want to be notified when internet connection has been lost or you would like to wait for internet connection and autoconnect to the services.
Just go to 'Settings' / 'Network Settings' and select the corresponding option.

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I can not establish connection via IM+, though I can browse the web on my Windows Phone.
Other third-party Internet-based applications work fine. What else can I check?

You may try to establish connection via proxy server.
If you use WiFi connection, on your device please go to Settings / WiFi, tap and hold on the name of your WiFi network and select "Edit".
Slide "Proxy" toggle switch to "On" and enter proxy server IP address or URL and port.

If you use mobile network, on your device please go to Settings / Mobile network / Add APN and enter the corresponding settings.
Save the changes and try to connect from IM+ once again.
Note: The current IM+ version does not support proxy authentication.

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I am using a proxy server to connect to the Internet. How can I connect in IM+?

Please try to connect to the services in IM+.
If you have any connection issues we recommend you to connect over HTTP. HTTP may be chosen at "Application" section in "Settings"- "Network Settings".
Note: The option is supported for Windows Phone 8 devices only.

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How do I view information about my contact?

To view information about your contact please tap on his or her avatar.
The name of your contact, current status message, ID and nickname as well as the account you use to get in touch with this contact will be displayed.

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How do I use context menu?

Context menu can be used to modify different objects, such as accounts or chats.
Please tap and hold on the object in order to open context menu and to see the list of possible options.
For example:
Tap and hold on the account name to enable, disable or remove account.
Tap and hold on the chat if you would like to remove it.
Tap and hold on contact's name to view contact info, block contact or delete contact.
Tap and hold on media message to save the image or to copy image URL.
For Facebook media messages, you may also select "Share photo on your timeline" option.

Please see corresponding FAQ section to learn more about context menu use for copy and paste.

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How do I copy and paste text in IM+?

You may tap and hold on the message in order to open Copy and Paste menu.
The following options are available:
1. Quote message
The message will be pasted into text input field as a quote, so that message sender name will be displayed.
2. Copy entire message
The text of the whole message will be copied.
Please scroll down and select "Paste" icon.
The text will be placed into the input field.
3. Copy
The text is selected and copied simultaneously.
If you tap on the text once again, you may select part of the text you would like to copy.
When you are ready, please select "Copy" icon, scroll down and tap "Paste" icon.
Alternatively you may double-tap on the message you would like to select and copy.

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How to send the audio/video files to the contact?

You can send only images in IM+ for Windows Phone 7.x devices.
You can send the audio/video files and images in IM+ for Windows Phone 8 devices only.

To send file please click "Attach" option on the left of the text field in the dialog window. Then please select the type of the file you would like to send.
Your file will be uploaded to our web service.
Your contact will receive a link to download it. Uploading is anonymous.
No 3rd party will get access to your files.
Files will be deleted from the service two weeks after uploading.

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Can I receive files in IM+?

You may receive files from Yahoo! and Jabber users.
When a contact tries to send you a file, a notification is displayed. Tap 'Accept' in order to save the file.

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Will my chat history appear on another device?

API of some services used in IM+ (for example, Gtalk) does not allow to download the history on another device.
We can recommend you to use loading history via IM+ Web service.
You just need to enable the correspoding option in IM+ and then you will be able to load history from one device to another one within IM+.
Note: The option of saving history is supported in IM+ Pro version only.

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Can IM+ save chat history?

History can be saved in IM+ Pro version only.
Chat history is being saved online in the cloud, so you can access it from IM+ for Windows Phone or online at IM+ Web
Please note that your chat history will be available in the cloud for 6 months and will be deleted from our servers after this period.

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Font size is too small / too large for me in IM+. Can I change it?

Yes, you can adjust font size at "Settings" - "Messages" - "Font size".

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I've lost my passcode for IM+ and can't open the app. What should I do?

There's no way to recover your passcode. You may uninstall IM+ and install it again.
Please note that all your settings, accounts and opened chats will be lost in this case.

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