IM+ Talk

IM+ Talk

Doesn't Require WiFi!

Enjoy Skype calls and chat on your BlackBerry!

Pure phone quality, no extra voice delay. Call any landline or mobile number at low Skype rates.

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Skype™ is a registered trademark of Skype Limited. IM+ Talk uses the Skype API but is not endorsed or certified by Skype.
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"With my Skype IM+ services all set up, carrier network disabled and WiFi turned on, I was able to successfully login to Skype as per normal and make calls direct from my BlackBerry using nothing but VoIP as well as chat with my contacts over WiFi."


"If you're looking for a way to keep up with friends and family across the globe without piling up a hefty wireless bill, then IM+ Talk certainly looks like a terrific option."

Gear Diary

"Given the other options out there in the BlackBerry application space for apps that connect to Skype, I'd have to put Skype IM+ at the top. It does what it says. And if avoiding using your minutes or having to pay for each call via SkypeOut is a concern, it just might be worth the buy in price for you, especially if you have a Skype subscription."


"Coupling this app with a Skype subscription, could be a money saving move in the longrun given the amount some carriers charge for roaming."


"IM+ brings all of the Skype mobile messaging goodness you can handle to webOS. Awesome."